Our parent company Kichose Group was formed on the back of a strong desire not only to give back to the community, more specifically the underprivileged and marginalized communities, but to ensure that such communities are served as well. As such Kichose Technology does its part within the group, by serving those markets with technologies that help “leapfrog” them into modernization, giving them the opportunity to participate in the global economy. We have a particular interest in education and have elected to focus on taking three smart solutions to market as follows:

Learning Management System

It is a unique portable projector-based system which can operate where there is no electricity or internet connectivity. It comes with its own PowerBank, Solar Charger and bespoke proprietary software. The smart projector can be used to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, just like a computer. It can play video – both online video from sources like YouTube, and offline video by inserting a USB or SD Card with your chosen video content in 2D or 3D. The system can show PDFs and other content as well as download and use free apps on a range of subjects. Furthermore, it can run offline applications like Wikipedia offline giving one the ability to search all 5.4 million references.


Learning management system, Tablets, PC, Projector and Whiteboard


The system has a server which allows one to run these application as if one were on the web. One can connect any device to the system, PC, Tablet, Phone, wirelessly to play video, or show office documents and can be controlled the remotely and wirelessly. It also has USB ports (2), 1 HDMI port, Ethernet, AV, Audio port, Micro SD. Has Bluetooth 4.0 and and WiFi. It is fully portable, allowing one to go anywhere and teach anything.

Mobile Tech Container / Smart Classroom

RAYVILL is a ground-breaking mobile Solar Powered unit. It is a mobile solar powered space that can be customized for Health applications, Schools, internet Cafes, built for use in remote or rural areas.

It comes in different sizes, it is modular, full-bodied, safe, light-weight and easy to be moved even to remote areas. RAYVILL integrates main devices into its interior design and uses its physical design to provide natural ventilation for comfortable internal temperatures. Powered by innovative and unique solar energy storage systems, equipped with high-performance solar batteries, the possibilities and capabilities are endless.

Cape Town

1st Floor, Block B, North Park,
Black River Park,
2 Fir Street, Observatory,
Cape Town 792.
South Africa


11 Walnut Road,
Durban 4001
South Africa


Corner of Ferreira St & Van Der Merwe St,
South Africa

Port Elizabeth

First Bowring House,
Fairview Office Park,
Ring Road Greenacres,
Port Elizabeth 6045,
South Africa


58-60 Landros Mare Street,
Thabakgolo Building, 3rd Floor,
Limpopo Province,
Polokwane, 0700,
South Africa


Uni Park Building
Nobel Street,
Bloemfontein 9301,
South Africa