Peace of mind in the knowledge that your assets are protected in the best way possible, is invaluable. 

In a world where security continues to be at centre stage, we have on the back of our technical expertise developed a variety of offerings that are based on state of the art technology to deliver optimized security to a wide range of environments. In our consistent tradition of quality our technology partners are very carefully and deliberately chosen.

Current offerings include

Kichose has a wealth of experience in Monitoring and Controlling Video System (CCTV), leveraging the combination of: Visual Alarm Verification, Retail Management, Property Management, Construction Site Monitoring, Logistics Management, Public Utilities Monitoring, e-Promotion, Video on Data Services and Mobile Video Monitoring.

Our solution provides modularity, operability and scalability. These solutions are adaptable to different requirements, offering solutions from small entities to large cooperation. Kichose solutions include Integrated Security System (ISS) comprising all security related systems.

Retail Management

Kichose remote video monitoring solutions are the ultimate management tool for any retail shops, especially for the chain stores. Our customers  can employ our CCTV and DVR systems in their shops for central management. They can monitor the instant video footage of any of their shops via personal computer through the phone line, Internet or mobile network connection. With our CCTV and DVR system, our customers can perform simultaneous multi-store monitoring. They can also monitor up to 16 locations of each store where in only a unit of our Video Recording Server connecting to 16 cameras and alarm systems is installed. Upon alarm occurrence, immediate video recording and alarm dial-back can be run automatically by our remote CCTV and DVR system. The recorded pre and post-alarm video inside video recording server can be used for visual alarm verification.

Main Features include

Property Management

Property management employing high-tech CCTV and DVR products to strengthen its management quality is a fast-paced trend in the recent years. Our remote CCTV system is definitely the ultimate solution for the property management’s needs. Property management companies can establish an all-round property management network with leased line connection for monitoring residential properties, shopping malls and commercial properties to ensure convenient, effective and centralized management.

After selection, you can choose us through our hundred sets of the remote CCTV monitoring system. The network provides the following functions:

In addition to the instant on-spot video recording and auto-alarm dial-back functions, our remote CCTV system can also alert security guard upon any alarm occurrence. With remote alarm control and door switch functions being added to our CCTV system, false alarm that may cause manpower wastage can be avoided. Kichose CCTV systems can help you to manage the properties which further enhance your management standard.

Construction Site Monitoring

The Government and property developers in South Africa will exercise tight controls in all construction sites by deploying our remote CCTV systems to avoid post-found discrepancies, prolongation or other illegal activities that happen in construction projects.

To prevent any irregularities, the construction companies can employ our remote CCTV system in their construction sites for non-stop site monitoring and inspection.

In daytime, project manager can monitor operations of the site remotely via the Internet in his/her office. In night-time, our Video Recording Server records and stores all site circumstances into the hard disk of a computer for the project manager’s retrieval later. Once an abnormal circumstance is found, the project manager can look into the corresponding recorded video for detailed investigation.

Main features

Logistics Management

Kichose remote CCTV monitoring can assist logistics companies in providing a real vision on logistical process and increasing delivery efficiency. When cargo arrives at the 24-hour operating cargo center, supervisors in control room will get information of transportation process, cargo-discharging status, worker’s safety and working conditions, etc. from their computer. Acting as a centralized monitoring station, our remote CCTV system can benefit the logistics companies by providing high efficiency and low-cost logistics management.

Main features

Public Utilities Monitoring

Potential threats for example terrorist attacks gives rise to security and safety concerns  in public areas. Crowd and traffic control, accident prevention, instant situation handling and accurate visual alarm verification become hot topics. Unmanned sites, such as power plants and water pipelines require 24 hours real time CCTV monitoring to prevent damage or attack. Our CCTV solutions enable 7 days a week, 24 hours a day standalone and remote operation with real time monitoring and recording. Its professional event handling and visual alarm verification quickly responds to a wide range of events with accurate actions.

Main features


Following the popularity of broadband Internet usage,  e-promotion activities together with real-time video browsing have become a remarkable trend in the public. Trend-following businessmen are especially eager to promote and strengthen sales of their product or service through the web as a medium.

Resorts and Hotels can be helped through our remote CCTV system to provide live video on web for attracting more tourists from across the world. Internet browsers or potential visitors of the hotels can enjoy nice view of the sites of the hotels, check weather conditions and have a look at the hotel’s environment 24-hours a day.  Our remote CCTV system enables. unlimited and incredible promotional activities and hotel management.

Main features include

Kichose is committed to providing solutions that mobilise and connect people, giving them access to the information they need when it matters most. Kichose enables this through the following:

Two-way Radio

A broad selection of Professional and Commercial Digital two-way radios that cater for different user demands and tough work environments. Jascom and Kichose turnkey solutions cater for your unique needs, taking the complication out of communication.

Wireless Network Solutions

A reliable and flexible WiFi solution with large coverage, high throughput and large savings. It provides internet by satellite for everyone: homes, small and medium businesses, big projects. The End-to-end wireless network solutions provide access to real-time information, virtually anywhere. From fixed point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and Mesh Wide Area Networks to wireless local area networks (WLANs) and voice over WLAN.

Data Capturing

Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) through the use of Barcode Readers and Printers, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Biometrics, Magnetic Strip Readers (MSR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Smart Cards and Voice Recognition can automatically identify objects or people, collect data about them, and entering that data directly into your Backend System.

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