Communication is the backbone of the civilized world. Businesses and individuals alike have progressed to the extent that they are what they are today as a result of communication. 

Without communication there is no commerce, no socio-economic progress and therefore no civilization. As the world braces for the fourth industrial revolution, we exist to ensure that no one gets left behind. We have combined our depth of experience with carefully chosen technology partners to deliver customized fit for purpose and cost-efficient communications solutions to our many satisfied customers. Our wide array of products and services ensure that we have the ability to offer comprehensive solutions.

Kichose has implemented five diverse internet products and solutions to support our customer needs in Kichose’s countries of operation. The suite consists of two unmanaged and three managed products. The unmanaged products, namely Broadband Internet & Dedicated internet Access (DIA) are a resell on an in-country service providing basic internet connectivity at a market comparable price. The unmanaged products do not provide SLA’s and are purely best effort.

The managed services namely Managed DIA, Business Internet and IPVPN are business class services with associated SLA’s. These services are designed to deliver a superior performance supporting the wholesale and enterprise customer’s needs. Both unmanaged and managed services provide diverse connectivity from Kichose’s MPLS network and are well suited as backup, top up or primary service to a MPLS network. As a result, complimenting a SD-WAN implementation ensuring no single point of failure (SPOF)

Our offerings include


Broadband Internet

This product is a resell of an in-country broadband service which consists of an asymmetrical last mile and contended internet service. The service is provided from the customer premises where the provider will install their CPE device. The broadband internet service does not touch Kichose’s equipment and is considered an unmanaged service.


Dedicated Internet Access

This product is a resell of an in-country DIA service. The last mile consists of a symmetrical last mile where the up speed is equal to the down speed and the internet breakout is uncontended i.e 1:1 The service does not touch Kichose’s network and therefore considered as an unmanaged service.


The IPVPN product is regarded as a premium internet services with Service Level Agreements (SLA) on availability, packet drop, latency and jitter with associated credits. A tunnel is created across the internet, which terminates at a predefined NNI point, and subsequently handed over to the customer. Customers can opt to either take the service into their own VPN cloud or the internet. The IPVPN service is a physical diverse path from our MPLS core infrastructure and is well suited as a backup for MPLS or complementary to an SDWAN implementation.

There are various SLA’s offered with IPVPN which require some technical build criteria with associated credits when out of SLA. SLA’s offered will be on availability along with IPSLA statistics (ie packet drop, Latency and Jitter). SLA’s range from Silver at 99% uptime to Platinum service at 99.5% uptime.


Business Internet

This is a business class service and primarily used to connect business users to the internet. The service consists of an enterprise last mile which is an uncontended service (1:1) The medium will either be fibre, copper or wireless. The internet service is uncontended with local internet breakout. The internet service breaks out from Kichose’s point of presence and not from the customer’s premises as the case with broadband and DIA services. The business internet product is managed via Service Level Agreements (SLA) on availability.

There are various SLA’s offered with business internet which require a technical build criterion with associated credits when out of SLA. SLA’s offered will be on availability only. Standards SLA’s offered are silver, Gold and Platinum, ranging from 99 to 99.5% up time.

Managed Dedicated Internet Access (MDIA)

The MDIA’s technical attributes are the same as the DIA’s technical attributes, except with MDIA, Kichose provides an onsite managed router and availability statistics via the Kichose’s management portal. The availability the service is managed via Kichose’s 24x7x365 support team providing immediate break fix and reporting on outages.


A global MPLS managed virtual private network geared to provide a highly efficient infrastructure service with 24x7x365 management. The solution incorporates granular traffic prioritization native to MPLS technology and redundancy, ensuring high value for the subscriber.



Fully resilient Ethernet network service


VSAT Solution

VSAT Based connectivity based solutions are also on offer.


Rapid Adaptive Network (RAN) SD-WAN

Rapid Adaptive Network (RAN) SD-WAN platform is regarded as the Next Generation SD-WAN (NG SD-WAD) platform. The routing function is Session Smart, therefore speaking the language of your applications and subsequently turning your network into a service-centric fabric that is simple, agile and built on Zero Trust security by including metadata into each packet which is inspected hop by hop ensuring integrity of your data. The platform eliminates the use of tunnels, saving you CAPEX and OPEX and at the same time addressing SD-WAN challenges such as:



Designed with better redundancy and superior service compared to many of the incumbent carriers and completely diverse of Kichose’s other networks.

Our value proposition

Kichose through its world class partner network has unique capabilities like global logistics, remote hands and last mile service delivery. These allow us to deliver diverse connectivity to our customers premises across most difficult geographies that tend to characterize some of Africa’s remote areas. We can deliver services in highly complex markets.

Our capabilities

Service Delivery – Dedicated provisioning teams serving the customers seamlessly with an integrated and speed to market delivery process with a 50-day cycle time.

Service Assurance – A highly skilled team, focused on problem solving instead of fault management, ensuring immediate and proactive resolution.


Network Architecture

Full access to dedicated solutions architecture teams of engineers, available to manage and deliver the most complex designs for any bespoke network requirement regardless of complexity or scale.


Supply Chain

Full access to dedicated solutions architecture teams of engineers, available to manage and deliver the most complex designs for any bespoke network requirement regardless of complexity or scale.



Hardware deployment in challenging markets.


Innovation Hub

A joint centre of excellence with our technology partners dedicated to ensuring that we remain capable of delivering the best and latest technology


Local Support

From the most complex installations to the connection of a single circuit, Kichose have feet on the ground to deliver on the committed cycle time and speed to market.


Wholesale Focus

We aim to be the service distribution partner of choice focused on bringing to market services from all the leading local and international operators and system integrators.


Professional Services

Provides professional support to customers requiring emergency, planned and routine network maintenance. Our engineers are on call every day.

Global Foot Print – Through our partner networks Kichose has a global footprint and diverse product solutions that allow our customers to complement their networks in areas they have no coverage or network resilience.

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