Service Charter

In line with our philosophy at Group level, we strive to delight our customers in order to earn their respect and loyalty. Everything starts and ends with customer satisfaction and the experience in the journey towards that satisfaction. We are very deliberate in this regard. This is why our service charter is of critical importance to us. It helps us remain true to our commitment and guides how we engage with our customers. Our suppliers and partners are by default co-signatories to our customer service charter as well as our philosophy regarding customers. It is engrained in all our agreements with partners and suppliers. This ensures that there is uniformity of focus and purpose. We firmly believe that this sets us apart.

Our Commitment
Negotiated Standards
What our customers can expect


  • No two customers are the same. We will strive to get a clear understanding of our customers.
  • We will deliver solutions that are valuable to our customer’s unique perspectives.

Partnership approach to problem solving

  • Thorough consultative processes during solution design and determination.
  • Mechanisms to accommodate feedback during deployment and post deployment evaluation.


  • We will be transparent in all our dealings with our customers.
  • We will honour our obligations towards our customers at all times.

Access and responsiveness

    Regular updates and consistent query resolution.
  • Full disclosure of material informartion.
  • Complete delivery of services and products

Customer experience

  • We will strive to get a clear understanding of our customer’s expectations from the onset.
  • We will always strive to exceed those expectations.


  • A scorecard in addition to any applicable Service Level Agreement concluded for services and products. Defined and established at the beginning of each customer relationship and maintained quarterly.
The only constant in the technology industry is change.
Marc Benioff
IT is not just another department in an organization. It’s pervasive, like electricity.
The Phoenix Project
The best customer service is when end users don’t need to reach out to the help desk.
Nishant Rao
The SLA explains the service. It does not predict the performance of that service. Explanation does not mean prediction.
Denis Matte

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