China Mobile International Opens Frankfurt Data Centre

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A new China Mobile International Limited (CMI) data centre is now open in Germany. The purpose-built Tier III facility is located in Frankfurt, the financial capital of the European Union.

Trade between Asia and Europe remains strong with significant inter-regional investment flows and growing collaboration in education, research, and other areas. The Frankfurt Data Centre is an important addition to CMI’s growing global network and serves as both an International Network Exchange hub and an Internet Data Centre (IDC).

“CMI is locating our second data centre in Europe in Frankfurt to help provide secure and reliable high-speed connections and enable closer ties between Europe and Asia. COVID-19 has meant more users spending more time online, with increased reliance on digital tools for remote working and learning and online shopping. Technology is now an intrinsic part of almost all aspects of our lives, so more data needs to be processed and stored. This in turn means greater demand for cloud and content delivery solutions,” said Dr Li Feng, Chairman & CEO of CMI. “CMI provides professional one-stop-shop services to help carrier and enterprise customers respond to and meet the needs of their users in a new era of digital globalization.”

The new Frankfurt facility seamlessly connects with CMI’s Singapore and UK data centres, its Global Network Centre in Hong Kong and its extensive global mobile communications and cloud network infrastructure. The new data centre will strengthen the international connectivity of iConnect, an integrated solution for carriers and deliver enterprise services to businesses worldwide via CMI iSolutions and mCloud. More than 2,000 international businesses currently leverage CMI’s iSolutions product suite for connectivity and specialist solutions covering IDC, information and communications technology, Internet of Things and cloud, while more than 10,000 enterprise users rely on CMI’s mCloud cloud-network integration platform.

CMI’s global footprint includes cable systems, points of presence (POPs) and data centres, as well as collaborative agreements with 29 data centre service providers that extend its services to more than 210 cities worldwide.

An expert team helps global financial sector organizations build flexible hybrid IT infrastructure that meets the industry’s exacting security and compliance requirements across public cloud, private cloud, and physical architecture. CMI’s integrated cloud networking products help banks, insurers, security firms and fintechs access secure global data centres, dedicated low-latency routes and cloud connections. CMI leverages its global network infrastructure to offer a service-ready cross-border backbone via mCloud that slashes cloud provisioning lead time to seconds—a fraction of that required for traditional connectivity service deployments. It also ensures 99.99% availability for POP-to-POP connections with mCloud’s Cloud Connect solution smoothly integrating different cloud regions around the world.

“With an extensive footprint of cable systems, data centres and more than 80 Cloud Connect POPs, CMI provides global access with ample bandwidth, flexible connectivity and comprehensive one-stop services,” Dr Li Feng said. “Serving international customers, especially Chinese enterprises looking to expand in Europe, our new facility is helping confirm Frankfurt as a premier data centre hub.”

Located in Mörfelden, the CMI Frankfurt Data Centre is designed with two individual cable lead-ins with dual diversity paths and advanced nine-layer security control. The newly built facility is served by a dual power supply from two different power substations. The power system is supported by 2N Transformers and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), which is equipped with a 12-minute backup battery. The data centre’s cooling system includes chilled water storage reserved for continuous cooling backup.

The new data centre is a Tier III data centre certified by the Uptime Institute under its Tier Certification of Design Documents (TCDD) standard. CMI expects to confirm other international certifications including Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), TÜViT Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) Level 3, Tier Certification of Constructed Facilities (TCCF) standards, and relevant ISO certifications for security and quality management.

With enterprises increasingly wanting the benefits of comprehensive one-stop-shop solutions, CMI is committed to offering a complete range of value-added services, including professional colocation, cross-connect and remote hands support. The latter provides on-site technicians for maintenance tasks and IT management on behalf of the enterprise and minimises the need for site visits by their in-house personnel.

To meet the growing demands of multinational companies, CMI will continue to advance its presence across the globe and maximise its data centre synergies to achieve efficient convergence and agility, providing global access with large bandwidth connectivity.

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